Self Defence Training for the revolution. 16th december 3pm

Self defence training. 
This will be an introduction to learning how to arm yourself with 
the skills, muscle memory and mindset to effectively deal with 
attackers or oppressors.

The session will gave an overview of the theory and practice of 
real self defence, taking aspects of various fighting styles. 
 It will be suitable for absolute beginners, welcoming, 
supportive, non competitive and lots of fun! While we encourage
full participation, anyone can opt out of any activity they 
choose and there is lots to be gained from watching as well.
Equally, this is not for macho guys who just want to show 
off or throw their weight around!

We hope to build confidence, promote awareness and conflict
avoidance, and contribute to sustaining and protecting 
ourselves and community, as well as improving fighting ability.
 When it comes to a fight, we believe in fighting to win, 
so our practice of self defence is a reflection of our
wider struggle.

If you are coming to the session and have a gum shield, please
bring it, along with comfortable clothing and trainers. 
We will have gum shields on the day for sale for a few quid. 
If self defence training is something you are interested in 
doing more regularly speak to one of us on the day.

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