Wish list!

Hay guys!

For all you lovely folk that want to help the cafe, but maybe don’t know how, we are currently needing a few things that you might just have lying around or are capable of helping us with. Like……

-Forks and bowls

-Herbs and spices

-Mugs and cups

-All food donations are welcome, we are running a vegan cafe but some of us go by the saying ‘get a grip its from a skip’. We are also going to spending money on stuff like grains, pulses and vegetables so if you would like to give us some of that i’m sure a free meal will be in order for all ya’ll nice folks!

– Finally, a van and driver for Friday morning to move some food around, this wont take long and petrol can be covered x

If you have any of the things above or stuff we haven’t thought of yet please leave a comment or email us at  cutthecrap@riseup.net

Thanks guys! your soo awesome!

Cut the crap crew xx

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