Taiji sunday evening.

Taiji is a Chinese art for relaxation, health and self defence. It 
offers many benefits from improving the nervous and immune systems
to promoting balance and stability in both physical and spiritual 
terms. The slow movements of the taiji form alongside the "internal 
energy work" of chi kung are widely understood and recommended to 
relieve stress and bring about increased body and energy awareness, 
which in turn has implications for our daily interactions with all 
around us. By practicing such a meditative art, we can stay solid 
in ourselves in the face of the hectic, fast paced world that 
surrounds us. 

Practices such as taiji also enable us to take responsibilty 
for our own health and reject dependency on capitalist "health"
industries and medical "experts". It's not just about waving 
your arms about and taiji, from a political perspective, can 
surely be a part of taking back control of our bodies and our
lives. Translating as "supreme ultimate fist", taiji is also 
an extremely effective form of self defence and this cannot 
be separated from the health aspects of the art, as the two 
are part of the same whole. We see this clearly exemplified 
in both the slow, flowing movements and in the fast, 
explosive movements of the taiji form. 

 Each and every movement has implications, and applications, 
for both health and for fighting. The same mindset used for 
meditation is used for "no mind", or reflexive,fighting.
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