Sunday 16 Dec at 4pm : Derrick Jensen Discussion

Civilisation, especially industrial civilisation is wreaking havoc all over the planet with climate change, soil depletion, water draw down,polluted rivers, deforestation, vacuumed oceans. 200 species a day are going extinct. Industrial civilisation is not compatible with life on Earth. It is  psychopathic and will kill every thing on the planet unless it is stopped.

Time is short, the hour is late.

Techno – fixes and pop environmentalism are not going to save the day.Now is the time for a real resistance movement to save the planet.

This is a central theme in the work of  deep green anarcho-primitivist writer Derrick Jensen. His work also covers such wide ranging subjects as child abuse, rape, patriarchy, racism, education, prisons,surveillance, violence, war, religion and an anti- science perspective. These he argues, are all pathologies of civilisation and are not intrinsically human behaviours.


Jensen is a prolific and emotionally compelling American author who is considered mandatory reading for those fighting for planetary and social justice. Through piercing analysis, witty and elegant prose, Jensen has been hailed as the philosopher/ poet of the deep green ecology movement and an “original voice of sanity in a chaotic world” (Howard Zinn)

Jensen is the author of over 15 books of which End Game is his most famous. We will  have a look at some of the premises of End Game as a basis of the discussion.  Any one with additional knowledge of Jensen’s work is most welcome so we can draw on a wider perspective.

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